Sam Childers aka “Machine Gun Preacher”


Pastor Sam Childers aka “Machine Gun Preacher” is the real deal. Like Apostle Paul, Sam’s walk before meeting Jesus Christ is not a story many would want to emulate.  He writes about his life in several books, features some of it in “Machine Gun Preacher” the movie, and speaks about it at events like the one you may attend in the near feature.

His message and calling is unique to some Christians; although, many in Christian militias, the military, law enforcement and laymen in our communities are called to be sheep dogs, or as Sam says it “Wolves” against a formidable enemy of wolves.

How can ministry survive without men willing to interpose themselves between good and evil?  You may not be like Sam or other first responders; however, you can glean some measure of courage for the spiritual and natural battles of our day and do all you can to stand and be courageous.